What is Gravity Based Water Purifier and How does it Work

What is Gravity Based Water Purifier – As the words reflect, water purifier which works through gravity force only. Sounds amaze?

Yes, these gravity-based water purifiers do work only through the use of gravitational force. And no other force such as plumbing, electric, vacuum, etc. are required.

Although this technology is way useful for the upcoming times, but is currently underrated. It is a money saving useful equipment.

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What is Gravity based water purifier?

Gravity based water filter is the machinery which purifies the water by filtering out its impurities, polluted and contaminated contents through gravity and that too with no electricity.

Water comes from the highest point to lowest point through gravity and in between the filtering takes place.

Water flows from top compartment to bottom compartment. Water passes from different components microfiber mesh, activated carbon and chemicals.

 Types of Gravity based Water Purifier

There are basically two types of Gravity Based Water purifier.

  • Basic Gravity Ceramic Candle Filter
  • Gravity based Water Filter with Chemical capsules.

Basic Gravity Ceramic Candle Filter

Use of Ceramic material, which also one of the oldest water treatment. In this the ceramic candle filter and colloidal silver are only mostly used..

This is the setup which made with the help of clay to remove the turbit\sity from the water and the suspended particles present it.

Its process includes the following:-

  1. Mechanical trapping of water molecules and adsorption of it on the ceramic candle (it has micro scale pores).
  2. Water is pored in the upper two containers which flows through the candle situated in the bottom.
  3. Once water passes through the candle, it gets collected in the lower container.

Advantages of Ceramic Candle filter:-

  • It provides both filtering and storage.
  • No external energy, or force is required.
  • It is cheap and simple, easy to use and clean.
  • Removes turbidity and suspended solids.
  • Somehow removes large bacteria and improves clarity

Gravity Based Water Filter with Chemical capsules

What is gravity based water purifier

These filters, overcomes the drawbacks of basic gravity filters. In this the chlorine is used to remove bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Its process includes the following:-

  1. When water is poured at the top, it is passed through the micro-fibre mesh, which here eliminates the suspended particles from the water.
  2. At below level, when water comes down, the set amount of chlorine is added to kill micro-organisms which are present in water.
  3. Then the excessive amount of chlorine is removed from the water with help of activated carbon as it should be removed for the water to be to a consumable level.

Advantages of Gravity purifier with chemical capsules :-

  • It is easy to use as well.
  • It removes turbidity and suspended solids from the water.
  • It also removes the organic pollutants and harmful bacteria.
  • No electricity and no boiling of water is required.

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How does gravity based water purifier work?

What is Gravity Based Water Purifier and How does it Work

What is gravity based water purifier and how does it workThe setup which is mostly of two compartments, the water is poured on the the top level and thus comes down without any external force. Below is a flow chart showing what happens to water at each level and  how it is filtered?

Mostly these gravity based water filters has 3 filter levels :-

  1.   Microfibre Mesh/Pre-filter

Just after pouring water, the very first ,membrane removes the large particle and physical impurities through filteration.

Components such as paper, sand, dust, mud, etc are removed

  1.  Activated Carbon Trap

Then water comes down and passes by activated carbon trap to remove the chemical impurities and smell like colour and odour, etc. from the water.

  1.   Germkill Kit

Below down further, traps or captures some bacteria and some viruses.

In some, polishes post carbon filters are used for making water crystal clear.

Then you get the drinkable water.

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 Benefits of gravity based water purifier

Following are the reasons that why you should purchase the Gravity based water filter.

  • It purifies the water without electricity.
  • It removes dirt and other particles from the water.
  • It removes residual chemicals from the water, absorbs impurities in water making is consumable.
  • The are the cost-effective water purifiers compared to other water purifiers.
  • Low maintenance is required of the setup.

 Gravity based water purifier vs RO water purifier vs UV water purifier

What is gravity based water purifier and how does it differ from uv and ro? 

Everything does come with a variety, so we have it in the water filters too. Electric and Non-electric based. RO-UV filters and RO-UF filters.

Both even separately the RO filters and the UF Filters.

Below a little introduction and then a detailed comparative study of the filter are given.

  • Gravity based water filter
  • RO water filter
  • UV water filter

 Gravity Based water purifier works on gravitationally dropping down of water and its filtration while its comes from top to bottom through some meshes.

 RO water purifier – This reverse Osmosis process filtration uses some thin type of membrane to remove impurities. Here molecules go from a higher concentration solute to the lower concentration solute through a semi-permeable membrane.

 UV water purifier – This technology uses the membranes which are similar to RO membranes but has bigger pores. It uses UV rays from a UV light source to detect the molecules to destroy the microbes and parasite.

 A detailed comparative study of the Gravity based water filter, the RO water filter and the UV water filter is mentioned below :-

Gravity Water Purifier

RO Water Purifier

UV Water purifier

  • This technology uses just gravitational force.
  • Filter out water and some solid impurities through filtration only.
  • May take time to filter.
  • Brings the level of the water to the consumable level.
  • It is cost-effective product.
  • This technology uses reverse osmosis technology.
  • They separate the molecules.
  • Dissolved solids are removed.
  • Taste of hard water gets normal along with smell.
  • Even dirty and muddy water gets refined.
  • Removes heavy metals.


  • Water wastage is there.
  • Longer time is taken.
  • Unit is big in Size.
  • More expensive
  • This technology uses UV rays from a UV light source.
  • They thus destroy the microbes and parasites.
  • This process is Eco friendly and water wastage is zero.
  • Less times is taken to purify.
  • Required minerals are not lost.
  • Kills all microbes.
  • Less costly than RO ones.


  • Dissolved solids are left in the water.
  • Taste of hard water remains there.

What is gravity based water purifier 

Later more even there are Multi-Stage Water Purifier

 The different-different combinations of above water purifying technologies is used to provide more healthy and pure drinking water which is purified. The combined features of 2-3 processes results in multi-stage water purifier.

 Below are some combinations –

  •  RO + UV. Reading this only might give the idea in which both the technologies will be used. That is both reverse osmosis and ultra violet. Micro-organisms, heavy metals and some dissolved impurities are removed from the water.
  •  RO+UV+UF. Further in the RO+UV filters the UF filter are added to make the water pure. In this combination even the TDS level of water is also reduced which is very suitable for drinking.

 The taste of the water is enhanced and some minerals are added in it. However they all need electricity for the purification at every level.

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 Maintenance of gravity based filters

 Gravity filter needs the maintenance like cleaning the surfaces at a regular interval of time. Either by washing them with water and scrubbing with brush if needed.

On account of this gravity based water filter much costly maintenance is not required just on average about of 2000 INR for a neutral family in a year.

If there is a chemical battery along with carbon filters may cost upto 600 INR and fibre mesh about 200 INR. A neutral family might need around 15 litres of water for drinking and cooking purposes, so battery of 600 INR works for about 4 months.

 Cons of non electric gravity water purifier

  •       Although a gravity based water filter is cheap but its parts are not, depending upon the type of the gravity water `filter the prices may vary.
  •       All the gravity based water filter do not provide fast cleaning or filtering of the water.
  •       Proper and regular physical cleaning of the gravity filter is required.
  •       Checking before purchasing is must in order to make sure its speed and cost of maintenance.
  •       Solid and fine bacteria and microbes do not get removed, although the water is drinkable.
  •       It does not remove the turbidity.


 The Gravity based water filter technology sounds amaze but is yet underrated. With the grasp of time they will only have to come in tradition with some changes as they are a type of which works on renewable resources and could become a important and must part in coming years.

These are the machines which filters the water through gravitational force only and without electricity. The setup has two compartments namely the upper and lower compartments in which water flows from upper to lower compartment while filtering.

This is the cost-effective water purifier which provides the proper cleaning of the water and removes the impurities. Brings the water to the drinkable and useable level.

It has some disadvantages too. Such as it does not clean the water fully, does not removes the turbidity from the water. Dissolved particles remain there. If wished the proper cleaning then it takes time.

What is gravity based water purifier

What is Gravity Based Water Purifier and How does it Work

What is Gravity based water purifier- Best non electric water purifier review in india. List of best Gravity based water purifier. RO+UV+UF..

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