5 Best Water Softener for Washing Machine in India Complete Review

You may read much time about the water softener for washing machine but have you ever asked if it is good or bad to use a water softener in the washing machine.
In this article, we will discuss what is a water softener? How to install a water softener in the washing machine? What are the benefits of water softener and many things.

What is a Water softener for washing machine?

So, Basically, a water softener is used to convert hard water to soft water by removing hard salts like magnesium and calcium by adding the sodium as an ion-exchange method.

The hard water can damage your clothes. Washing with hard water can deplete the mineral reserves of your clothes, which can cause dirt on your clothes and can also make your whites look dirty.

The inspiring news is that you can definitely get amazing results in clothes because it doesn’t matter where your area is on the water hardness scale.

Explore to learn what this means for your clothing and what predictions you can make to overcome any clothing difficulties that result from living in an area of hard water.

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Types of Hard Water Softener for Washing Machine

There are four types of water softeners: ion-exchange water softeners, salt-free water softeners, reverse osmosis water softeners and magnetic water softeners.

Out of these four, ion-exchange water softeners are widely recommended.

Benefits of Installing Washing Machine Water Softener

  • Washing machine softener will protect your machine

Basically, hard water contains very hard salt like magnesium and calcium. These salts can damage your machine pipes too. As the water in the washing machines runs through the clothes and in the pipes of the machine the calcium get fixed at one place of the pipe.

In the same way, it can leave an unattractive scale on the drum of washing machine. In the long run, these mineral deposits develop and can damage your machinery and pipes.

Using a water cooler will extend the life of washing machine.

  • Water Softener machine will protect your clothes

As we discussed above hard water damage clothes very roughly. In the same way, it can stain dull colors and leave a terrible cleaning residue or mineral build-up.

People with thin skin will find that towels and woolen shirts that should have been soft and soft nowadays feel itchy and heavy.

The soft water will make your clothes last and look cleaner.

  • Hard water Softener can save you money

You will also need more detergent if you have hard water to clean clothes. Finally, you can use up to 1/3 more detergent. This will add more money in a larger amount.

To save money you have to use soft water.

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How to choose the best hard water filter for washing machine ?

There is so many hard water softener available in the market. It can be a difficult task for the unknown person to pick up the best and right water filter for washing machine.

How might you choose which one would be the best one? Try not to figure; ask an expert. Only experienced and educated staff can tell you what to choose or what not because there are so many things in the market that claims many specifications, additional benefits.

The water softener experts for washing machine are prepared to address any of your inquiries and will comfort your psyche that you have settled on the correct decision.

How to Install Hard water softener for washing machine

You should know how to install a water softener in washing machine.

There are many ways to install a water softener but we show you the simplest way to install water filter in washing machine.

The establishment of a water softener will change significantly relying upon the sort of unit of water softener for Washing Machine, the sort of lines you have, the format of your home, and the area of the water softener.

In the event that you have some DIY experience and are alright with slicing through lines, you may feel you are equipped for finishing the assignment yourself.

In any case, introducing a water softener isn’t as straightforward as making the right association with the hot and cold taps.

In the event that you are uncertain about the thing you are doing, converse with the experts at Water Smart Systems and Plumbing.

We can remove the concern from any pipes establishment.

Typical Slab Foundation Installation

  1. Turn off water supply at main.
  2. Drain water lines.
  3. Make proper connections (Optional: install remote bypass)
  4. Fill brine tank half-full with salt.
  5. Ensure bypass is shut, slowly turn on water, check for leaks.
  6. Complete start-up procedure.

Water Filter for Washing Machine

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Top 5 Water Softener for Washing Machine Online

It is hard to track down great and dependable items from the online commercial center at the best cost. Did you remember the points.

That soft water will not harm your clothes because it consists of ions of sodium so according to this process we will show you some of the best water filter for washing machine.

Purifit Washing Machine Filter 

5 Best Water Softener for Washing Machine in India Complete Review

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Purifit washing channel secures your clothes washer, much the same as how a water purifier shields you from hurtful synthetics.

Purefit Washing Machine Softener Protects clothes from Hard Water & Limescale

Purifit makes sure about your clothes washes from lime scales brought about by hard-water and different pollutants utilizing high evaluation polyphosphate gems.

It is easy to install

No external tool required to install this machine.

It has 1 Teflon tape, a washing filter, 2 rings which are made up of silicon.

It has a warranty of 9 months.


  • Easy to install
  • Low in range
  • Has an effective silicon ring that is used to remove hard water salts.


  • You have to install a crystal to use this.

ECO CRYSTAL Merit Nylon or Aqua Water Softener Washing Machine 

5 Best Water Softener for Washing Machine in India Complete Review

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Aqua Merit changes the hard water salts like calcium and magnesium in soft water with the formation of sodium to secure your clothes from damage in hard water.

This water evades scale arrangement as well as eliminates old scales to the same degree.

According to the research center test report, this water saves cleanser in the clothes washer and decreases hints of cleanser on washed garments.

It makes more foam than any other water softener. It will save your detergent and electricity both at the same time.


  • Easy to install
  • Low in price
  • Just a pipe and no breaker on flowing water


  • Softener is not much longer

KENT – 11063 Washing Machine Water Softener

5 Best Water Softener for Washing Machine in India Complete Review

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Introducing Kent water conditioner that changes hard water into delicate over to create additional foam while devouring less cleanser and water while washing.

It likewise upgrades the whiteness and shine of garments. It uses a non-electric cycle with a remarkable 4 stage recovery cycle and accompanies a backup mode for longer life.

Hard water has an exceptionally serious level of magnesium and calcium, which makes a large group of issues for us like less foam arrangement, makes our garments turn pale, and destroy our clothes washers.

To evade this, get back KENT Washing Machine Water Softener and guarantee that your clothes washer doesn’t confront any hard water-related issues.


  • Take less detergent
  • Less water needed
  • Give witness to clothes


  • Very high in range { approx 5000 INR}

Water science Iris Wmf-617 Washing Machine Filter with Hard Water Protection

5 Best Water Softener for Washing Machine in India Complete Review

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Secure your clothes washer. On the off chance that you live in a zone where water hardness is high, a clothes washer channel is an outright need.

Over the long haul, this outcome in breakdowns and support necessities, diminishing the existence of the clothes washer. In the event that you think the impacts of hard water stop there, reconsider.

This outcome in helpless wash quality and these salts stick to texture making garments look dull and leaving them hardened and harsh.

The iris WMF 617 clothes washer channel is a multi-layer channel that accompanies top tier hostile to sealants and double residue channel layers.

Iris WMF 617 guarantees that suspended pollutions are sifted through and hardness salts are molded before they arrive at your clothes washer.

Rather than adhering to one another and framing gems (what you see as white stores on tiles and shower fittings), they are changed over into less obstinate, fine particles that effectively wash away.


  • Remove white marks
  • Easy to optimize
  • Good in range


  • Teflon tape is not good

RIVERSOFT WF-05 Washing Machine Filter for Hard water

5 Best Water Softener for Washing Machine in India Complete Review

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The RiverSoft WF-05 washing machine line contains SILIPHOS to remove salt from hard water. This gives a small amount of polyphosphate to the water. These polyphosphates act on calcium and magnesium salts, rendering them ineffective.

These promotes better foam development and significantly lowers the use of cleaning agents.

The filter media also interferes with gemstone development, forms a protective iron-calcium phosphate layer on the inner surface, and blocks swearing and weighing.

In addition, it was found that polyphosphates inhibited deposit formation, but also helped to remove existing hard carbonate or sulfate deposits.


  • Very effective in turning hard to soft water
  • Low in price
  • Easy to install


  • Sometimes it can block water Line

Wrapping Up

You must find it worth spending few bucks in a washing machine water softener as it will pay you with its evergreen benefits:-

  • Takes Care of Your Clothes and its Fabrics. Washing clothes in hard water reduce their shine and brightness. …
  • Reduces Hair and Skin Damage
  • Increases the lifespan of Appliances
  • Use Less Detergent
  • Reduces the Cost of Repairs
  • Lowers Electricity Bills
  • Reduces the Risk of Minor Skin Diseases

These are some points on hard water softener for washing machine you need to know if you are having any issue regarding any area of the article you can leave the comment.

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Hard Water Softener for Washing Machine

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