Sumber protein 2021 makanan sumber protein

Sumber protein: Hello friends, all of you are welcome in this article filled with my protein and vitamins. Today we will talk about sumber protein and some of its supplements.

Folks, Sumber protein is used in our body as a weight gainer / mass gainer. Friends, we will give you more and more information about Sumber Protein in this article.

Sumber protein 2021

Sumber protein 2021
Sumber protein 2021

Friends, there are many types of proteins, but some proteins are proteins that help in muscle growth and fitness. If you need information about proteins and their supplementation, then you must read our article. Now we talk about the submarine protein and its supplements.

What is sumber protein?

Sumber protein is used in weight loss and maintenance but there are some supplements that are used in weight gainer / mass gainer.

Submarine protein is found mainly in moss, fish, lentils, soy, wheat, eggs, milk and bread. Which people often use in food.

But according to today’s time, many people do not get the benefit of this. Therefore, some such supplements have been made in which the quantity of lumen protein is high. The dalam tuluh tiller is directly used as an energy source.

Moss, fish, eggs, and bread are mainly used as weight gainers / mass gainers. People mainly consume moss, fish and eggs to meet the deficiency of Sumbar protein in the body. But some people who do not consume moss, fish and eggs. They have some supplements that they can use.

Now, we talk about some supplements that provide you with lumbar protein.

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL Weight Gainers / Mass Gainers: MuscleBlaze is designed for hardcore fitness enthusiasts. Which are helpful in gaining healthy mass and building strong muscles. This unique formula gives you 82.5g of lumbar protein in 3 servings of every 100g when taken with milk.

Sumber protein 2021
Sumber protein 2021

The product contains a protein to carb ratio of 1: 3, which is given through a combination of slow, medium and fast-reacting proteins, and a mixture of slow and fast metabolizing carbohydrates to maintain a constant calorie supply.

Is This product helps to increase energy and fuel muscle recovery? Fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals, this mass gainer helps to meet your daily micronutrient needs.

It also contains a powerful mixture of digestive enzymes, to enhance absorption and digestion of nutrients. The flavor of this mass gainer chocolate makes it a pleasure to consume. It has a sufficient amount of sumber protein.

The volume of a pack of MuscleBlaze is 1 kg. Its flavor is chocolate. It contains protein gainer / mass gainer. It should be used before exercise and 75 g at a time.

In its composition, the protein is 21 grams, energy 362.99 kcal, total fat 1.43 grams and carbohydrate 68 g. It is not Ayurvedic.

MuscleBlaze Whey Gold with Fish Oil 2 kg: The new MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Whey Protein Isolate operates with the purest protein purity and has set a high benchmark of purity for other proteins.

It has only 1.65 grams of carbs and 0.46 grams of fat in one serving. MuscleBlaze Whey Gold is the most premium protein These supplements are not the best protein for those fitness enthusiasts who are unable to do anything but themselves.

A 30g serving size of whey gold contains 25g of whey protein isolate. It helps to speed up the rate of muscle recovery, delaying the onset of fatigue after exercise. Both these factors allow gym enthusiasts to work longer periods.

A muscle serving of 10.96g of essential amino acid wheeze supports whey which benefits lean muscle and enables you to maximize your muscle building efforts.

MuscleBlaze fish oil contains omega-3 essential fatty acids. MuscleBlaze contains eicosapentanoic acid (epa) and docosahexaenoic acid (dha).

Equally long names with long chain fatty acids that cannot be made by your body. dha and epa make good fats and antioxidants for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and body builders.

The volume of a pack is 2 kg. It contains rich milk chocolate. It has Sumber and buttermilk protein. It can be used as per requirement. Its composition contains energy 364kcal, lumbar protein 82g, carbohydrate 5.50g, sugar 0g and fat 1.55g.

GNC Guardian Big Bolt Whey Protein: GNC Guardian BigBolt 100% Whey is specifically designed for people with active lifestyles. Whether you are a beginner, your fitness regime, a health seeker of balanced nutrition or a fitness enthusiast inspired by your own goals, protein is for everyone.

This high-quality protein formula is designed to deliver the 9 essential amino acids found naturally that the body needs every day. An international quality whey protein, a trusted name in the field of wellness and nutrition in India for 15 years, on behalf of the House of Guardian Healthcare Services.

At Guardian, we are committed to giving you an authentic product that performs without compromising on the value that works for your wallet.

Our Bigbowl Whey is packed with 100%: – 24 grams of Sumber Protein – 5.5 grams BCAA per serving. The GNC Guardian BigBolt has a better mix of whey isolation and whey concentrate. The amount of sugar is also less. There is a sufficient amount of sumber protein.

MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Whey Protein Supplement: Early in the morning, during sleep, the body remains inactive for 6-8 hours without any nutrition. Without protein, muscles start breaking down to create energy for the body.

Drinking the protein of the Achilles tendon starts before the morning starts, the muscle starts to break down. A rigorous exercise session after exercise leaves your muscles, allowing them to absorb more protein than at any time of the day.

Being a fast-paced protein, Muscleblaze Beginner’s Protein makes rapid recovery and creates a Lean Muscle Mass Post Workout.

One pack of this weighs 1 kg. It is chocolate and it is buttermilk protein. It can be used before the proper workout and also after the workout.

It is sugar-free. In its composition energy 346.80KcalII, lumbar protein 40gII, carbohydrate 42gII, sugar 0gII, and total fat 3.20g were added. It is completely vegetarian.


Friends, in this article I have given you detailed information about the submarine protein and some of its supplements. If you like this supplement, then click on the link and buy the supplement.

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