[Latest] Pureit Classic 23 litres Germkill Kit : Best Review

Looking for Pureit Classic 23 litres germkill kit, well you have landed up in the correct place.

Instead of struggling to find pureit classic 23 litres detail, we will provide you every detail before buying this product.

We will make your every investment worth instead of falling for wrong products.

Pureit Classic 23 litres Water Purifier

Pureit Classic Germkill Water purifier is a non electric gravitational purifier built with advanced technology.

Pureit 23 litres germkill kit provides one of the best trusted RO+UV+UF water purifier online.

Its latest Copper technology provides helps to boost immunity by enriching water with copper and thus improving your cholesterol level, obesity and digestive problems.

This unique RO copper technology is inbuilt in latest pureit water filters.

Pureit classic is built with advanced health care technology that every day consumption of pureit water will provide 30% of essential nutrients that is recommended by ICMR(Indian Council of Medical Research).

Therefore pureit classic product provides the best healthcare investment like no other water purifier.

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Pureit Classic 23 litres Germkill Kit Buy Online

[Latest] Pureit Classic 23 litres Germkill Kit : Best Review

Pureit water cartridge comes with variety of water purifier product online. One of them is Pureit classic 23 litres germkill kit.

HUL Pureit classic 23 litres Germkill Kit with 3000 litre storage

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HUL Pureit classic 23 litres Germkill Kit with 1500 litre storage

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Why should you buy this:-

The best thing about Pureit Germkill kit is that the purifier does not need electricity or expensive gas.

HUL Pureit Germkill kit comes with large storage capacity of 3000 litre. It comes it easy installation and provides value for money.

Comes with 3 parts:-

Activated Carbon Trap – Activated carbon is essential to trap the organic impurities, dust, heavy metals, pesticides etc.

Germkill Processor – The water purifier cartridge contains germkill processor to remove microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Polisher – Chlorine is released in sustained volume to kill the microorganisms, therefore the chlorine must also be removed to enhance the taste and odour.

All these existing parts creates a uniqueness of this product.

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Cons of Pureit Classic Kit:-

  • The surface area of 1500 litre classic kit is too small compared to 3000 litre because the carbon filter at 2nd stage and chlorine adder is small as a result there is less filteration for 1500 litre.
  • No mesh filter at kit

Things to Remember while buying Pureit Classic Germkill Kit

There are certain things which are common for all pureit classic products like Pureit Classic 23 litre for 3000 litre storage capacity or Pureit classic 18 litre for 1250 litre storage capacity.

  • Once you buy the Classic Germkill Kit don’t forget to wash the kit due to presence of carbon sediments.
  • Use wisely, don’t put pressure on any of the parts specially polisher cap or it has chances to break.
  • Once the Pureit Classic Germkil indicator turns red, replace the germkill Kit immediately. Although the Advanced Auto-shut technology switches off the supply of water ensuring that no water reaches the tank without filtration, this can gradually drag down the health of family.
  • Pureit Classic 23 litre Kit is not compatible for other products that means Pureit 23 litres kit is not suitable for Classic 14litre.
  • The Polisher helps to remove chlorine during final shage of purification, therefore you must leave the water for some time unless the chlorinated water is removed, but if the chlorinated water is still not removed that could be because the polisher may not be installed properly.

Pureit Classic 23 litres Germkill kit Installation

The pureit 23 litre classic germkill kit consist of 3 parts :- Carbon Trap, Germkill processor and Polisher. The installation is quite easy within few steps. Follow the above video.

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FAQ on Pureit Classic Germkill Kit

  • I m using pureit classic 23 litres since two years the water started leaking now but red indicator is not shown plz reply if I need to change the germ kill Kit?

First of all you should have changed the germkill within 1 year of use, it is better to choose the product on the time of delivery. After 2 years it’s better to change the entire germkill kit.

Sometimes due to low budget you may get a low quality product. However its expiry date is said to be 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

It is very easy to change the pureit kit.

  • How long will my pureit filter last?

The pureit filter assures 6 months warranty, however the expiry date is said to be 3 years on the date of manufacture. Rest depends on how often you use and keep track of the product. 

  • Does pureit help to remove chlorine from water?

The Pureit classic germkill kit contains polisher which helps to kill the microorganism by releasing sustained amount of chlorine and then removes chlorine and produces decent taste and odour.

  • How to setup pureit germkill kit?

The setup of pureit germkil kit is very easy and takes less time. You must follow some steps:-

  • Is HUL Pureit a good brand?

HUL Pureit is a water purifier company of india. It doesn’t need an intro about its brand is enough to identify its premium quality. Don’t go for low price products as they provide low quality. 

However Pureit has everything that a water purifier must have from filtration to storage capacity and long life.

  • What is the customer service number of PureIt?

The customer service number of Pureit Classic 18602101000. However you can also chat with the experts visiting Pureit India Official Website.

  • What is the storage capacity of Pureit classic germkill kit?

HUL Pureit Classic 23 litre Germkill kit comes with 3000 litre and 1500 litre storage capacity.


The Pureit classic germkill kit is good for your home. It is trusted by millions of people. However i would suggest you to invest some money instead of looking for cheap product which you expect to work 2 to 3 years without defect.

Secondly, must clean, maintain and takecare your Pureit germkill cartridge if you want to make it work for decent years, must call the customer care within 6 months for its check so that he can fix any minor defect.

pureit classic 23 litres germkill kit 


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