Power distribution – Distribution board components

Power distribution, easy to say MCB box, it exists in all of us at home,
without power distribution our home electricity will not work, so an
electrician you should know about power distribution, so today in this
post Let us give you all the information about Power distribution.

Power distribution – Distribution board components

Power distribution - Distribution board components

Power board is a device on which our home electrical circuit is mounted
with an MCB, our home has a lot of plug-point TV fridges, etc., and all of them
need a circuit to run, and they need MCB to control them, which is installed
inside Power distribution.

What is a circuit?

The circuit means a live wire, which contains phase neutral and earthing, and
these circuits are in different amperes and have different loads, and to control
these loads we need MCB or Power distribution, if these circuits Sometimes the
load comes in excess, then the MCB in our house automatically shuts down,
because of this, the home appliance is safe, if the MCB is not there, then this
circuit can also burn, and behind it Expenses may also increase, if Conceal Wiring
in the house, It is going to a big cost.

Power distribution - Distribution board components

What is the difference between MCB and Fuse?

Now you will ask that friend Fuse also does the same thing, oh yes brother,
it does the same thing, but you say if you are given two mangoes, one is
cleaned and the other is cut well, then which mango will you choose, definitely
cutted mango will be liked more by you.


In the same way MCB are much smarter and work better than fuses, fuses
burn when the load increases, which takes time to fix, the MCB just keeps
raising, Fuse multi Takes place and nice very messy also finds, MCB appearance
is down to less space.

Distribution box is come different type, 3 phase distribution box, single
phase power distribution, and the size of these distribution is also
different, there are many companies in the market that make, and sell power
distribution, but a good distribution Proves better performance for you,
so you should choose a good company when purchasing distribution board.

Best distribution company

  1. Havells Utility DB SPN DD QVE RG 12W Metal Double Door Distribution Board
  2. Benlo Metal 4 Way Three Phase Neutral Double Door MCB Distribution Board
  3. Orient Electric DB SPN 12 Plastic Distribution Board Single Pole with Neutral 12 Way Double Door
  4. Legrand distribution board, Energy Distribution

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying distribution, you
have to take care that there is a neutral connector and earthing connector in
power distribution, as well as MCB channel is different, if your power distribution
is of 3 phase, then MCB must have channel 4 inside.



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