[Latest] Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss: How to solve it 2021

Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss? Well everyone is scared to face hair loss problem in this modern world where they want to look more young.

People living in rural areas suffer from hair fall because of hard water. The sentence is common to hear right. Well upto some extent it is but also you will see many people with good glossy hair and live in urban area or district.

Rural area water contains lot of dissolved minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and many more.

Most of the people don’t pay attention to drinking and shower water when it comes to hair.

They take it for granted and when the hairloss problem increase in excess after a week or within a month they find tremendous change in their hair. After which they start focusing on costly hair care products which is again dangerous for hairs.

There are many videos which claim the use of home remedy to treat baldness. But do they work?? Well most of us will be blank to answer this.

Some will say Yes and some will say no, Some will tell, that home remedies take years to show results.

If you are still reading till now, keep continuing to read till the end as this post might provide lot of value to you because you have landed up in best place to know whether hard water cause hair loss.

So let’s discuss many points in detail including – Does hard water cause hair loss? what does hard water do to hair? Tips for washing hair with hard water

How are Hard Water and Hair loss related to each other?

Hairfall is common for both male and female equally. They complain that the water which they apply to their hair is either borane water or municipal water which is eventually hard water.

Hard water contains heavy minerals like calcium, silica which is in high amount and result in split ends, damage hair.

Incase of excess of calcium deposition in scalp, it slows down the blood circulation in scalp.

The ph of skin is slight acidic near to 5 or 6 and that of borewell or municipal water is alkaline. The difference in ph cause the skin to become dehydrated.

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What are the Signs of Hard Water on Hair

[Latest] Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss: How to solve it 2021

Is hard water bad for your hair – Excessive Hard water usage for hair can cause calcium buildup in hair. To remove them from your scalp you must be aware of your water quality that is coming from your tap water.

  • The scalp gets dry rapidly and increase in itchiness which leads to breakage of hair.
  • Even after you shampoo your hair within some time of shampoo you will find that your hair gets gets weighed and dense due to accumulation of dandruff
  • Lot of hair accumulates around the place where you spend most of your time.
  • Your pillow colour turns pale

Above are some common signs of hard water dry scalp causing hairfall.

What is the Effect of Hard Water on Hair

Does hard water cause hair loss? Scientists still coudn’t come to conclusion what is actual cause of hairloss but major and common problem can be water, especially hard water.

That hard water which contains copper, magnesium, calcium etc when consumed by drinking or through bathing will show rapid signs of hairloss and hair thinning problems.

Studies says that consuming hard water wont show change in skin but will trigger dandruff.

The triggering of dandruff (scalp eczema) cause brittleness and freezyness of hair that causes split ends of your hair and exposure of hard water cause oily and scaly scalp.

Excess of Magnesium in water can remove the glow and make your hair dull and when copper is present along with magnesium it can cause hair whitening.

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Some people consider using shampoo on hair to remove the hard water but in return over ruin the hair quality because shampoo tend to remove natural oils from hair and make the hair dull and frizzy.

Overuse of hard water along with washing hair with shampoo regularly can remove 90% your hair and cause hair greying of remaining hairs.

Therefore hard water cause hair loss and hair damage.

The hard water can be tested by drinking. The more hardness of water will give sweet taste.

Hard water above 300 mg from borewell or municipal, if consumed on daily basis can cause kidney stonehttps://aquariuswaterconditioning.com/blog/does-hard-water-cause-kidney-stones/

within a month or two because the kidney is not able to filter it.

Such hard water is bad for hair, skin and body organs if consumed, the alkalinity of such water is between 8.5 to 9 because of calcium and magnesium dissolved.

There are lot of digital equipment to test hard water but they are very costly around 40,000 to 50,000, you don’t need it. The hardness can be tested by hard water testing kit.

How to Prevent hairloss due to Hard Water

Due to change in place, we deal with sudden changes in hair and skin. This is common for most of us. 

Climatic conditions and water differs from place to place. So as we move from one city/ state/ country to other we deal with hair problem.

The first thing is to identify the problem instead of running behind expensive hair shampoo and hair products for hard water.

Check the source from where you are getting supply of water in your kitchen and bathroom taps.

Sometimes the tank is not cleaned enough and the lid is broken in that case the water gets contaminated with dust, pollutants and other foreign particles but people blame the underground water.

Make sure that the tank from where you receive water is properly maintained.

Washing clothes with such contaminated water or taking shower with polluted water will never cure hair damage problem no matter how much expensive hair products for hair loss you spend on.

They will forever ruin the texture of your hair by allowing the dandruff to settle at the scarf and causing growth of bacteria.

Does hard water cause hair loss? what does hard water do to hair? Tips for washing hair with hard water

Fungal Infection of scalp hair loss treatment

[Latest] Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss: How to solve it 2021

Lets discuss on the cause and treatment of fungal infection in detail:-

About hair: How confidently can you say that you clean up the skin around where your hairs are located? Most would be blank because they focus more on cleaning their face or body but when it comes to hairs, underarm and genitals, they do not equally take care.

This can cause the accumulation of dead cells.

Another common reason for accumulation of dead skin cells or debris could be excess skin shedding.

In the next step, the accumulation of dead skin cells causes growth of fungus called Malassezia furfur.

The fungus Malassezia furfur consumes dead skin cells due to presence of fat in it. As a result in grows in number and size.

Consumption of fat further leads to excretion of waste material in the scalp which is acidic in nature. As a result the turnover rate of skin increases to huge extent.

In some layer this isn’t much serious thing and gets fixed sooner but for some it becomes severe and starts forming a layer in skin. The layer of scalp becomes acidic to larger extent and gives irritation, itching, rashes etc.

If itching is performed in the infected scalp, further growth of fungus takes place.

Hair loss treatment at home to prevent fungal infection

Below are few Hard Water hair treatment to prevent dandruff in scalp and avoid growth of fungal contamination.

  • Preventing the growth of fungus on scalp – If you are not able to take care of your hair due to any personal goal, it is recommended by dermatologist to use ketoconazole shampoo 2% every week. Apply on scalp and leave for 10 mins.
  • Reduce the turnover rate of skin – Meditation in a day for atleast 10 to 20 mins can calm the mind and hormones. Due to busy lifestyle stress is most common in todays’s world, as a result the adrenaline in our blood keeps us alert for fight and flight. This causes an increase in heart rate and increased oil secretion. Therefore meditation can calm the hormonal secretion and reduce the turnover rate of skin.
  • In case of Thick whitish layer present in the skin layer, you must use ketoconazole with coalter in the initial few nights and wash with ketoconazole shampoo at the morning. Remember to not itch scalp after you apply coalter ketoconazole. In that case first go with the shampoo to reduce the inflammation upto some limit. 
  • Never wash scalp with warm water this may lead to production of excess oil.
  • Stop combing hair in case you have dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis in your scalp. This way the fungus is disturbed from its position and hair fall takes place. Hence it is advised to trim hair completely.

Home made remedy to stop hairfall and cure dandruff

Hard Water hair treatment (Naturally) – As we know that fungus makes the surface of skin acidic in nature. Therefore on addition of excess concentration of acidic substance on skin can stop the growth of fungus on skin.

Curd is the common natural ingredient available in home which is acidic in nature due to presence of lactobacillus.

When the curd is boiled, bubbles starts forming in the curd and bacterial growth is increased, therefore lactic acid is increased.

This lactic acid can be applied in the scalp and after some hrs needs to be washed with shampoo to not leave the fatty residue behind which can act as a food for fungus.

Another remedy can be mixture of onion and lemon juice. Apply the mixture for 5 to 10 min. On initial days it can give some sort of irritation. But as you get adjusted, apply it for 20 min for better results.

Role of Water Softener in Hair Loss Treatment

If you want to know how to soften hard water for washing hair, the best answer experts could give is to install a water softener. Experts do not recommend to use drinking water on hair.

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people often talk about TDS of water instead of hardness of water, even though both are correlated to each other. Before installing a commercial RO plant water softener, it is important to think about hardness because if hardness if above 2000ppm can cause hamper of RO water softener.

As we know that water contains enormous amount of minerals, but the most commonly found minerals calcium carbonate and magnesium will determine the hardness of water. If hardness present in water is 60ml per litre it can be considered as soft water.

If the hardness is above 60ml per litre, we can see scaling in taps, tubes, tanks where the hard water is present. This scaling is due to presence of calcium carbonate in huge amount in water. When this calcium carbonate comes in contact with metal or iron, it sticks to the surface.

Hard water cause scaling that damage solar equipment no matter it is made of stainless steel. The water is very conductive because of unnecessary minerals buildup in hair in large proportion.How ever it may not cause any reaction with glass.

If you have ionizers like kangen water and borewell water is added to it, the titanium plates can catch scaling.

All these gives a strong reason of why water softener must be installed in home if hardness if above 100 mg per litre.

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How does a water softener work?

[Latest] Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss: How to solve it 2021

FRP vessels for water treatment – A commercial 500 litre water softener. The first vessel is the dual media filter which contains layer of carbon or sand. 

The second vessel is the softener which contains resin that help to exchange cation. Resin absorbs calcium and magnesium from water and release essential mineral like sodium. Sodium does not cause scaling.

Beside the vessel, a container with sodium chloride solution must be placed to charge the resin.

The resin is filled in the multi port vessel within 60% capacity. In the next vessel carbon and sand multiple layer is filled within 60% capacity.

You also get a digital multiport wall that charges the resin with the help of salt water solution. The automatic multi port wall is attached to sand and carbon filter which can flush out automatically after 3000 litre is filed.

Installation of Water softener at home to remove hair loss

The installation of water softener is quite simple. Both the plate require supply of 12 volt through SMPS ( Switched mode power supply).

After the installation, the system can be setup according to water requirement of 500 to 3000 litre per hour of water supply.

After the capacity is over, it switches to charge mode which supply charge to resin with sodium chloride solution and the remaining backwash water can be disposed in drainage.

The backwash water is the water that is exchanged when resin absorb calcium, so the backwash water is not suitable for use.

Does Hard water cause hair loss – FAQs

Does hard water cause hair loss permanently?

Yes, the hairloss by hard water is permanent but you can reduce the hairfall by maintaining the water source (the water used for drinking and for taking bath). 

Some other factor can affect the growth of hair like scratching scalp continuously.

Why does hard water cause hairloss?

Hard water is rich with unwanted minerals like calcium, magnesium, chlorine accumulates at scalp and causes growth of bacteria, fungi and they eat up the essential natural oils from the scalp that makes the hair frizzy and dry.

Does the minerals in hard water cause hairloss?

Yes, overaccumulation of dissolved minerals like calcium, chlorine, magnesium, zinc etc causes brittleness, split ends of hair and hair fall happens.

Can hard water cause seborrheic dermatitis hair loss?

Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of eczema and a serious disorder that needs to be taken care of from the very beginning and it causes itchiness, rashes etc. 

It causes dry, flaky and patchy skin.

It can occur in places like hairlines, eyebrows, underarms, back etc. Therefore excess of chlorine in water and its exposure to skin can start building up bacteria in body and if not taken care can give rise to seborrheic dermatitis.

Can drinking hard water cause hair loss?

Drinking hard water can be the major cause of hairloss. It can lead to Scalp psoriasis as you trigger your normal functioning of body by consuming wrong water.

However it doesn’t bring any impact on your skin only affects your scalp to larger extent.

Can RO water prevent from hairloss?

RO water is purest form of water without unwanted unnecessary minerals but it will cause severe water wastage. 

Infact you can go for a water softener. Install it in places like kitchen and bathroom where water requirement is more.

However drinking RO water on regular basis is OK only if the TDS level of water is above 300


How to treat hair loss due to hard water without filters?

It is difficult to treat hard water without filter. If hard water is in limited amount below 60mg/litre then the hard water can be tolerated by the scalp of hair.

Whereas if the level of minerals especially calcium carbonate in hair is above 60mg/litre, then installing a water softener is must to stop hairloss.

Is there a correlation between hard water and hair loss?

When we talk about hairloss, first thing comes in mind is hard water but for some people, even with hard water their hair is not affected to larger extent because the quantity of minerals is in limit.

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does hard water cause hair loss

[Latest] Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss: How to solve it 2021

Does hard water cause hair loss? How hard water cause dry scalp, mineral buildup in hair. Some important tips for washing hair in hard water.

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