Capacitor definition | capacitor types 2020

What is Capacitor: Those people who are connected with technology, they use it every day, but they also will not know the real meaning and real use of capacitor, many people do not even know which capacitor to use. You should do it, so friends, it is very important for you to know because knowing about everything is a sign of intelligence, so let’s know. capacitor definition

capacitor definition | capacitor types 2020

Capacitor is also known as condenser, a device that can store energy, but energy is limited to only a short time, usually the Capacitor television radio musical system computer, even all the electronic and electrical equipment are present.
In this world, Capacitor is present inside them all, with the help of Capacitor, the radio can be done easily in the stations like Tune Channel Flickering. It is possible that there are two types of normal capacitors, AC capacitors and DC capacitors.

Dc capacitor

DC Capacitor is used in DC Current & DC Current Substances like oil
and aluminum are used in R, DC capacitors are more and more used to
convert AC supply to DC.
capacitor definition | capacitor types 2020

AC Capacitor

AC capacitors are used in AC power supply ie Ultranet in current, such
capacitors help in starting one of the devices, as an example you can take
the FAN, the capacitor which is fitted in the fan. The AC capacitor with
2.5 MH is the capacitor, whether AC or DC, do the same energy store.
capacitor definition | capacitor types
A capacitor has two roads, + (POSETIVE) and – (NAGETIVE) exactly like a battery, when it flows energy through a conductor, it becomes active, and stores energy like a battery. , You can alsocount this energy, in FARDA i.e. the unit.
and it is the capacitor that is discharged, the capacitance in the capacitor is highest when the distance between the conductors is the lowest, which is just one Uri is also, as a matter of fact some Limiteshns world.

What is Capacitance

The amount of energy that a capacitor can store inside itself is called Capacitance, for example you can take a bottle, the larger the bottle, the higher its capacitance and the more energy it will store, and also the time, Will increase.that is, if a small capacitor can store an energy inside itself for 10 minutes, then a large capacitor can store the same energy inside itself for 20 minutes.
capacitor definition | capacitor types 2020
This type of capacitor is used in almost every application, being the most used because such capacitors are cheap and reliable, and the corresponding value range is 0.1 microfarads from picofarads, while the loss factor is very low.
Glass capacitor
As you may know by name, this capacitor is used in glass,  and this capacitor is very expensive and expensive, but despite this the capacitors offer very high level performance, these capacitors have high RF current capability and other Features make them different from others.
capacitor definition | capacitor types

Types of capacitors

Electric capacitor, Tantalum capacitor, Silver mica capacitor, Polystyrene film capacitor, Polyester film capacitor, Super cup capacitor
Capacitor is used to increase the voltage to store energy, sometimes there are ripples or picks in DC current flowing, and capacitors are used to remove them, if you have a 12V voltage flowing source, And the ampere for that flow is 1 ampere, then you can increase the current up to 2 amperes or 1 point 5 amperes using capacitors here, besides DC current Capacitors can block help.
Friends, I hope you have got all the knowledge about capacitors, but still if there is any question in your mind, you can comment and ask, thanks for being connected with us, have a nice day.
capacitor definition | capacitor types

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