Best wiring an outlet for one outlet to another outlet

Hello friends, there are many people in our electrical world who do not know how wiring is done, and sometimes it happens that the wiring of our house is in the problem.(for one outlet to another outlet)

And we keep waiting for the electrician, but our problem is very difficult to solve, so if we know here how to do an wiring, then how good Is it? So let’s get to know this post today.

Best wiring tips for electrician

Best wiring an outlet for one outlet to another outlet

Outlet wiring means in simple language the wiring of a
plug/socket, whether it is 30 Amp or 20 Amp or 4 Amp,
the wiring is the same, here we will first of all the do
wiring is right, It is very important to a circuit have phase neutral
and earthing wire.

Where is used

Outlet wiring is mostly used in 30 Amp or 20 Amp, where
there is a domestic line, it means Outlet wiring AC or other big machine requires wiring of the outlet, to do
outlet wiring we need 2.5 mm Wire or 4 mm wire, by the
way, if you want some extra stronger wiring so 6 mm or 10 mm wire is also used, if you have more money then you can use those stronger wire.

Polycab 2.5sqmm PVC Wire (Red)

  • Material: PVC
  • Flame Retardant – Lead Free(FRLF) wire
  • High Insulation Resistance
  • ROHS Compliant


Best wiring an socket

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If we use wire less than 2.5 mm, then the outlet socket will
work, but after some time the wire will burn, so do not be
stingy, strongly recommend you need to use stronger wire
on outlet wiring.

Best wiring an outlet for one outlet to another outlet

What is the outlet

If seen, the outlet looks the same as the socket, but it looks
a bit different, you can see what the difference between the
socket and the outlet, there is not much to learn in this,
if you are a electrician, so You will already know how the connection of a
socket, as same outlet wiring, but if you are new, read below you will get
all the information.

How to This wiring

Although it is very easy, you will still need an wiring a PLIERS, a screwdriver, a PVC tape, a tester and some screws.

Best wiring an socket

First step

After wiring, you check the wire properly. If you want to have
more than one outlet wiring then you will have a lot of wires,
so make wiring with different colors, like red black and green,
with colors helps you to identify the wire.

Best wiring an outlet for one outlet to another outlet

second step

There will be one connection at the top and two connections
at the outlet side, connect the earthing with the middle connection,
and joint the phase in the right side connection, joint the
neutral on the left side connection, that’s it your Work is done, if you still
do not understand, then you can see the photo given below.

Watch Video Here


Best wiring an outlet for one outlet to another outlet

There is nothing special about it, just connect a wire of one
color and connect it to another outlet.

It is important to note that it is very important to have earthing
in the connection of the outlet, otherwise you will face many
problems upcoming time, you may get a shock, although there
is earthing everywhere, but you should check once, while working Time to
note that the current is closed(current is not live), because safety is necessary first.

Best wiring an outlet for one outlet to another outlet

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