5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

Best Water Filter Jug – If you are not installing a water purifier that doesn’t mean you are not aware of what your drinking water is contaminated with.

But unfortunately people are worried to buy them because they cost more and people have less knowledge about them.

Therefore I can help you choose the right water purifier for your family and friends where you will get premium product with affordable price.

Why  not try out a water pitcher jug as they are user friendly and definitely affordable. You might just need to invest on a filter between 6 months to 1 year.

Filter Jugs play the same role as any other purifiers. They will remove all unwanted impurities and microorganisms from your water.

Prefer to invest in a water purifier Jug over anything. This can be a small investment for your health. 40% of diseases are water borne diseases.

Do you know which reverse osmosis water filter jug you should buy? I will also help to choose the perfect filter jugs for you.

Keep reading.

Water jug filter cartridges

Why do you need a water filter jug?

We need water filter pitchers as they remove the contaminants from the water making it healthier and safer to drink.It can also eliminate some of the bacterias and viruses from the water which are unhealthier and works as disinfectant too. 

The reverse osmosis water filter jug are simply containers which are with built-in filters. They solve out the drawbacks of tap water about the taste and smell of chlorine.

As it is not always required to remove heavy materials so the water filter pitcher works good for us.

There are several benefits of water purifier jugs you must know before you buy them.

  • Water Filter pitcher is affordable than ordinary water purifiers available in the market. 
  • Comparatively Filter Jugs need less maintenance.
  • Most Filter Jugs are RO free hence, essential minerals are retained whereas impurities are separated out.
  • The filters help maintain acid-base balance in water.
  • Water Purifier jugs are portable and user friendly. 

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Top Picks on Best Water Filter Jug Australia

Below we have listed out some of the best picks on water pitcher jug to remove hormones from water – 

  •  Water Co Bio Mineral Pot Water Filter Jug

5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

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One of the Australia’s leading water filter company produces waters co bio 1000.

Description of Water co Australia Jug and Reasons to buy it:

It removes up to 99.99% of contaminants such as fluoride chlorine bacteria, etc.

Ace bio mineral pot Comes with a filter kit which last for about 2 years

It is a BPA free jug.

Waters Bio Minerl pot has the remineralising agent in the water.

Costs 2 cents per litre amount.

It is a vegan equipment. 

This water co bio product has been redesigned by the company with the same filtration and the jug in the more compact way.

Water co bio 1000 jug has a pre-filter, a medium of activated carbon filter and ion exchange resin.

It’s top cover easily opens up for the filling purposed. Also it has the filter date replacement indicator to remind you when to change.

Specifications of water co mineral bio jug:

  • Measurements – Its height is 27 cm, the length of 25.5 cm and 11.5 cm wide.
  • Capacity – It has the water holding capacity of 900ml in the funnel and 1 litre in the jug.
  • Water co mineral Filtration rate of 2-3 litres per hour and it is made in korea.
  • Eco Bud Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug 

5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

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It is the product manufactured by Ecobud Simply Water  which removes the standard contaminant from the water. 

Description of Ecobud Gentoo water pitcher and reasons to buy it:

Ecobud gentoo glass jug has has a 3-month filter water jug filter cartridge span.

This eco home water filter Balances the alkaline water pH between 8 and 8.5.

The model is redesigned by the company which has the original jug and can be used on a bench top and be placed inside the fridge.

A Digital filter replacement indicator is there and comes with one filter water jug filter cartridge.

Specifications of EcoBud Gentoo Glass Jug

  • Eco bud water pitcher is considered as best water filter jugs with water holding capacity of 1.5 litres.
  • Dimensions  – It is the 26 cm high and 20 cm wide and the 14 cm at the widest part diameter.
  • Enviro Products BPA Free Alkaline Water Filter Jug 

5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

Check Latest Price in Amazon

Giving a brief Enviro water filter review. Enviro water filter jar is Lightweight, BPA free large water bottle for storage.

Description of Enviro water softener and Reasons to buy it:

Enviro filter pitcher is a BPA free and BPS free plastic product.

Removes all standard contaminants from the water, but does not filter out fluoride.

It remineralizes the water.

New enviro water filter has a gauge on lids lets you know when the time comes to renew the filter.

It has the activated carbon filter in it. The ion exchange resins to increase the anti-oxidants has the negative potential particles. And has the far Infrared Ceramic Balls to remineralize the water.

Specification of Enviro water filter – 

  • Enviro water purifier has the storage capacity of 3.5 L
  • Enviro products are BPA free and BPS free plastic
  • It is 14cm deep and 25 cm long and 26 cm tall.
  • It is made in USA
  • ZeroWater 7-cup pitcher

5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

Check Latest Price in Amazon

Description of Zero water 7-cup jug and Reasons to buy it:

It gives very smooth water and removes approx all the dissolved solids from the water.

Zero water 7 cup filter is a good looking, easy to fill and pour with generous water holding capacity. 

Its 5 layer filter definitely removes the all dissolved solids, along with lead.

Has the TDS meter in it and helps in balancing it.

Specification of Zerowater 7-cup pitcher:

  • Zerowater product has the water holding capacity of 1.7L
  • It fits into the fridge door and it is not dishwasher safe.
  • It has an indicator in form of a TDS meter.

Check Latest Price of TDS meter

  • BWT Penguin water filter jug

5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

Check Latest Price in Amazon

The BWT Penguin filter is a glass water filter jug that comes in five different shades. Lets discuss the bwt penguin review in detail

Description of BWT water filter pitcher and Reasons to buy it:

BWT water filter pitcher comes in a variety of colours and is sturdy and it enriches water with magnesium.

It has a short filter life and an opaque reservoir.

It is a slim fit model and fits into the fridge door.

BWT penguin filter has an electronic indicator which reminds you when to change filters. 

The patented magnesium technology of this claims to enrich tap water with minerals, and removes lead and copper from water.

Specifications of BWT water filter pitcher:

  • BWT water filter has a water holding capacity of 2.7 L
  • It does fits into the fridge door
  • BWT filter is dishwasher safe.
  • And the filter indicator is there

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How to choose water filter jug online

When you wish to purchase the water filter pitcher online something to be kept in mind before are listed below.

People do purchase water filter pitcher online and most of the time they do leave a review of the product mentioning how they liked it or not. Make sure to read the review of the products.

Other things are the parameters on which they are tested such it’s filters, taste, quality, their ease of use and cleaning method mentioned on the basis of survey.

  • Filter – They should be easy to use, they are recyclable or biodegradable, how much easy to buy and how expensive it is to replace.
  • Taste – Compared to tap water the taste of the water filtered by the water filter pitcher should be good. Noticeable difference can be seen in the texture.
  • Quality – how attractive the jug is, how much environment impact is there.
  • Cleaning – The design should not be much complex as it may create difficulty in cleaning it. 

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How do Water Filter Jug Work?

FAQ on water filter jug

  • What is the best water filter jug?

The best water filter is quick and easy to use. Even the best water filter removes the impurities from the from on a low level making it drinkable suitably.

  • Is it worth buying a water filter jug?

Yes, it is worth buying water filter pitchers as they are the cheapest water purifiers available.

  • How long do water jug filters last?

On average the filter needs to be replaced after every 6 month approximately after purifying 120 gallons of water.

  • Which is the best Brita filter jug?

Brita Everyday Pitcher with Filters as it is best over all.

And BritaMetro Pitcher with Filters as it is of best value.

  • Brita water filter jug how it works?

The Brita water filter uses a coconut- based activated carbon filter to lower the mercury content and taste and smell of the chlorine and removes the contaminants.

  • How long does a brita filter jug last?

There is cheap Brita water filter that needs to be replaced after every 6 month approximately after purifying 120 gallons of water.

  • Where to buy brita filter jug?

You can buy the water filter jug from any e-commerce website or app, after reading the products details and reviews.

  • How to change the water filter jug?

Check whether the whole jug needs to be changed or just the filtres. Then you can order the same.

  • Does the water filter jug work?

Yes they do work effectively proving the drinkable healthy and safe water.

  • How to clean a water filter jug?

Simply, empty the jug into the sink and wash it with running water and then wipe off with the dry cloth carefully.


Although the tap water in Australia is drinkable already, obviously the chlorine and dirt from other sources may still be present in it.

But then also it is safer to filter the water for health purposes and thus should the water filtered lightly. 

The reverse osmosis water filter jug for that purpose is the best choice. They provide the filtering out of unwanted contaminants and also remineralize the water making it most suitable into that area.

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5 Best Water filter Jug Online Review 2021 │100% Buying Guide

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