Best Street Light For Home and Garden Low price

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In the world of electrical everything is in a different style, there is a different way to fix everything, and nowadays by trying these methods, many electrical appliances exist in our world, and Stret lights are one of them, street lights are of many ways, and their work also varies. ( Best Street Light For Home and Garden Low price )

Best Street Light For Home and Garden Low price

Best Street Light For Home and Garden Low price

what is street light

You must have seen the street light more on the side of the roads, which are
light only at night, and all those lights run only by electric current, if there is
no electricity supply, then it should be switched off, Pole light are available
metal or LED. Also, LED pole light gives a lot of light to the metal street light.

Best Street Light For Home and Garden Low price

LED street lights get less money, and are easily fixed everywhere, and the most
important thing is that LED pole lights consume less electricity, and metal stret
lights tend to last more days. Apart from roads, Pole lights are also planted in
gardens or buildings.


Street light also runs with solar energy, you must have seen many lights on
the roads which have a box, that is solar pole light, this type of light does not
need any kind of electricity, this type of Pole light have automatic control panel,
this Pole light goes off automatically during the day, and automatically
turns on at night.

Street light for home

If you want to get a Pole light for your house or your building, then 15 Watt
LED stret light is the best for you, this Pole light will be available from 1000
to 1100, you have given me some photos below. You can choose favorite
stret lights, and buy them.

CINAGRO® – 30W (150 LED’S) Water Proof IP65, Cool Light 6500k Solar LED Stret Light



Murphy LED 48W Stret Ligth, IP-65 Outdoor Light, BIS Approved Driver



Mazda Energy Solar LED Stret Light 12W (White, Battery+ 20W Panel+Light)



Street light for garden

For your garden, you can choose the light of your choice, because most of the
colored Pole lights are installed, and in the garden, even more light is needed,
you should get 100 to 500 Watt pole lights, but friends You should decide the
height of that light before choosing a Pole light for the garden, otherwise you
may have problems.

Metal street light

A metal Pole light is a big square that weighs a lot, and I also have a fluorescent
bulb, this stret light is very expensive as well, and the thing is simple, if it is a
metal stret light Once closed, let it take 10 to 15 minutes again, so no one uses
the metal pole light nowadays.

Once the metal Pole light goes bad, it takes a lot of money to fix it, and time is also very much.



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