Automatic Water Level Controller for Motor Pump Complete 100% Review

Automatic water level controller – Searching to know what is water level controller?? You have come up in correct place.

A water level controller automatically stops the water motor when the water tanks go above the maximum water level. And not only for this, but it also automatically starts the engine when water in the tank goes below the water level.

This device senses the water level by two floats and switches on/off when required.

Many peoples use automatic water controllers at their homes, and also it is used in many hotels because it gives convenience that you don’t need to turn on/off when water goes down or up.

I will tell you about automatic water pump controller, its circuit, and construction, and I’ll let you know about some devices in today’s article. water level controller

Also you will learn about how automatic water level controller work and some good water level controller, about water level sensor and many more. Keep reading

 Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit

Automatic Water Level Controller for Motor Pump Complete 100% Review

The arrangements of an automatic water controller circuit are encased in a PVC pipe. And that covered PVC pipe is fixed inside the wall of the water tank vertically. water tank level indicator

Well, there is a reason why the circuit is fixed vertically. Just because it is fixed vertically, sensor 1 touches the maximum level point, and sensor 2 touches the minimum level point. This will help to recognize the water level in the tank.

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The leaf switches, mainly used in tape recorders, are fixed at the circuit’s top sensors. So that when the water flows above the maximum point, the aluminum rod push P1 and P2 contacts of leaf switches S1 and S2 to N/O position.

These contacts are generally in N/C means in the closed position, but contacts push it to N/O means open position after water flow. automatic water pump controller

S1 contact of N/C is connected to the ground while the S2 connection of N/c is connected to the 12 V power supply.

Well, this is the normal thing in a circuit. But in IC 555, the pin two trigger is attached in the ground, and it will get triggered, and when you connect pin four in-ground, it resets. water tank level indicator

Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Operations

When the water in the tank goes below the minimum level of water, the P1 and P2, which are moving contacts, both these leaf switches go in the N/C position. The N/C position indicates that pin2 triggers and resets of IC1 12V are connected to the ground. Then the water motor will be on and start filling water in the tank. automatic water pump controller

The second case is what the circuit does when the tank’s water goes above the maximum water level.

As the water in the tank goes above the top level, the first sensor goes up. Because of this, the moving contact switches its position to N/O.

Then sensor two also pushes the moving S2 contact and changes its position from N/C to N/O, and it gets connected to the ground. And because of this, the water motor switches off.

And the third case is when the water in the tank is sufficient, then what the circuit does? So in that condition, point the point P1 and P2 are closed through water and kept and kept S1 in on state. water level controller

Which further helps in switching off the water motor when the water reaches the maximum level.

So these are the three conditions or cases where an Automatic Water level controller circuit works. All the things are very much comfortable to understand. The circuit switches off the water pump when water goes above the maximum level. And switch on the water motor when the water in the tank goes below the minimum level.

It makes the work easier that we don’t need to manually switch on and off the water motor, all the things the circuit will do automatically. water tank level indicator

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Construction of Automatic Water Level Controller

Now, let’s discuss the construction or installation of automatic water level controller.

You can quickly self assemble the float sensor units at home. Jut the length of the units is different. So, you have first to identify that carefully; otherwise, all the things are easy to do.

You have to fit both the sensor inside the water tank. Sensor 1 at the top, attach it to that point you want to set as the maximum point. And attach sensor two inside the water tank at the bottom, set it also at that point which you want to set as minimum water level point.

And then, after set the leaf switches at the top of the water tank. Then set the pipe and cover it both ends with a cap. And to pass the aluminum rod, you have to drill a hole on the tank and connect it to leaf switches.

You have to drill a hole at the bottom and connect the pipe to contact leaf switches after all these things. You have to test your automatic water pump controller by giving the electric supply to the circuit.

If the tank does not contain water, the water motor will start automatically, and it will fill water in the tank up to the maximum point.

Well, for installation, you must have to hire experts. Because to connect water motor and all the things you must need experts. water tank level indicator

Because for installation, you also need a drilling machine to make a hole in the water tank of the pipe size. And to attach leaf switches and sensors on top and bottom, you require some instrument which only experts have.

After the whole installation, you have to give an electricity connection to the automatic water pump controller circuit. And then it will do all the things.

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Best Water level Controller Reviews

Let’s take a look at some water controlling devices. And you can purchase these devices from an online e-commerce website at very affordable prices.

Fully Automatic Water Level Controller with Indicator 

Automatic Water Level Controller for Motor Pump Complete 100% Review

Check Latest Price in Amazon

About the Brand

This is the best water controller comes with 1 year warrenty, manufactured by Imagine Technologies. The best thing about this controller is that it also has indicators. 

This branded water level controller is available on Amazon at a very affordable price range.

The working of this automatic water pump controller is the same as I told before. It has two sensors that you have to install on top and the bottom of inside the tank. It also has leaf switches that are installed on the top of the 1st sensor.

This automatic water level controller device can work with any water motor. But the condition is that it must be a single-phase motor. If your house also has a single-phase motor, then this device is best for your house.

Well, most of the motor is of a single phase. To operate this device, no workforce is required. It is fully automatic. Just installation needs human resources.

It also has a feature to save electricity. And the weight of this device is around 1.17 kilograms. It is entirely made of metal.


  1. No Manpower Required To operate as Fully Automatic water pump controller .
  2. Elegant Looks.
  3. Avoid Overflow Dry Running Longer Life No Mechanical System
  4. Saves Electricity
  5. Compact Metal (Virgin) Housing
  6. Control Underground Tank To Overhead Tank
  7. 1-year warranty


  1. Frequency 50 Hz.
  2.  Operating voltage 220-250 volts AC.
  3. Load capacity each switch (2 HP)

This water level controller by Imagine Technologies is available on Amazon at a very affordable price range. It is best suitable for household tanks, Hotel tanks, and other places also. water tank level indicator


Mivan Technologies Plastic ABS Fully Automatic Water Level Controller

Automatic Water Level Controller for Motor Pump Complete 100% Review

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About the Brand

The other best and affordable automatic water controller is by Mivan Technologies. It has many amazing and extra features which mainly water controller does not have.

But there is some disadvantage also. First of all, with the water level controller, you will get 3 sensors. Usually, a water level controller device comes with two sensors, for the top and the bottom. But with this device, you will get three sensors.

The company offers you three sensors. You have to attach the 1st sensor at the top of the tank 2nd in the middle of the tank, and 3rd sensor at the bottom.

The working of water tank controller is also somehow the same as I explain to you before. Jut because of three sensors; it has some extra things.

The supply voltage of this water tank is 220-270 V AC. Just because this automatic water level controller device is made of plastic, it’s weight is around 400 grams.

It also has the feature of Auto and Manual. In which if you on Auto feature, it works automatically. And if you on the manual feature. Then you have to on motor manually.

You will get three sensors and one pack mounting screw with the automatic water pump controller in the pack.

This is an Indian product manufactured by Mivan Technologies. If you want to purchase this, you can buy this from amazon.

It is very affordable and also good in features. water tank level indicator


  1. The main feature of the automatic water tank controller is that it has a sensor therefore you don’t need to touch with hand, when the sump is empty, the motor will automatically switch on and off.
  2. Very easy installation, you just need to play with the plug.
  3. The water control system is corrosion resistant and molded by plastic.
  4. They are also non conductive and free for sensing levels in tank.


  1. Operating voltage 220-270 volts AC
  2. Frequency 50 Hz
  3. 50 HP, 40 A Load capacity each switch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automatic Water Pump Controller?

An Automatic Water level controller and water pump controller is same. It controls the water level in the overhead tank by switching on and off when the tank gets filled.

The Auto switch function of Automatic water pump controller prevents wastage of water and saves water electricity bill.

Which is the best Automatic water level controller?

Above are the list of branded automatic water level controller which works well for any motor pump.

How does fully Automatic Water Level Controller work?

An Automatic Water level Controller working, operation function has been explained via explanation and above video.

How to use Automatic Water Level Controller?

How does Water Level Sensor works in Automatic Water Level Controller

There is US Sensor (Ultrasonic Sensor) present in Automatic water pump controller that detects the level of water after the pump is on.

As the water level keeps increasing, the sensor sends ultrasonic pulse to the water, the impulse hits the water surface and returns back.

This helps to calculate the distance between transceiver and surface of water. As a result if the water level reaches top the Ultra sensor sends signal which stops the water pump.


Choose your product wisely above i have completely explained about water level controller and its working and the cheap water level comtroller as well as automatic water pump controller.

The water level controller review will help you guide out which water tank sensor will be best for home.

There are various articles out there in internet providing a list of water level controller which will confuse the people.

Hence i have done a comprehensive research to pick up the best premium and branded automatic water level controller for home, hotels. 

Hope this helps you.*

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