Eureka Forbes Aquasure Maxima RO+UV+TDS 100% Best Review

Aquasure Maxima RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier by Aquasure is a universal purifier suitable for providing drinking water from many sources.

This Eureka Forbes Aquasure Maxima comes with the advanced technology of multi-stage RO+UV purification which has the TDS regulator along.

The multistage aquasure maxima ro + uv + tds regulator removes the bacteria, viruses and contaminants which causes disease.

The water purifier has the universal guard technology by aquasure which gives you healthy and pure drinking water.

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Aquasure Maxima RO+UV+TDS

Benefits of buying Aquasure Maxima RO+UV+TDS

  • Aquasure from aquaguard has the advanced dual RO+UV purification in one machine unit.
  • Aquasure has the advanced TDS regulator in it for balancing the ppm level of the water.
  • It is affordable in the range.
  • This Aquasure Maxima has the 6 litres of water holding capacity.
  • Its filtration consists of activated carbon filters.
  • It has a simple and stunning look with a compact design.
  • It has the in-built voltage stabilizer and thus has the voltage fluctuation guard in it.
  • It is a wall mountable machine.

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Buy Aquasure Maxima RO+UV+MTDS at Best Price

  • Aquasure from Aquaguard Maxima (RO+UV+TDS) 

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Maxima RO+UV+TDS 100% Best Review


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  • Aquasure from Aquaguard Maxima Nxt (RO+UV+TDS)

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Maxima RO+UV+TDS 100% Best Review

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Things to consider before buying Aquasure Maxima Water Purifier

Before buying any RO+UV+TDS water filter you should keep in mind some of the important things.

You should check the size of the family and its members, as per person may require 2-6 litres of drinkable water in a day and also for the cooking purposes.

Pre-check the level of ppm tds of the water to be filtered from your area.

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Specifications of Aquasure Maxima RO UV TDS

Purification technology –  this aquasure from aquaguard has the RO + UV + UF & RO + UV technology used for filtration of the water.

Type – It is the RO + UV water purifier with the TDS regulator in it.

Number of purification stages –  This Aquasure has the 6 stage purification system in it.

Suitable for –  It is suitable for the uncleaned water from the borewell and the municipal water supply.

Types of filter – The aquasure maxima has 6 filter processes. From the first, the Chemical block then, iFilter followed by RO membrane, after comes the taste enhancer cartridge and the UV chamber at last.

Tank capacity – Maxima has 6 litre of water tank capacity.

Installation –  It has the free standard installations, the wall mounted.

Inlet water temperature – The minimum and maximum inlet water temperatures to be kept in mind.

Inlet minimum – 100C

Inlet maximum – 400C

Electric –  It runs on electricity.

Purification capacity per hour – It has the purification capacity of 60 Ltr/hr.

Power consumption – Aquasure has the power consumption of 40 watts. And an average of 1 unit current in 40 hours.

Series – Aquasure Maxima

Cons of Aquasure Maxima RO + UV + TDS

Although this Aquasure maxima from aqua guard RO+UV+TDS regulator has the best of the technologies in multistage, but has some of the non-likable things too.

  • Its machine does not have any alert indication.
  • Its water storage tank is small compared to other models.
  • It does not have any glass holding tray.
  • And it does not have any water level indicator.

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FAQs on Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+UV+TDS

  • How is drinking water unsafe?

There are numerous unwanted bacteria and viruses which we can not see through our normal eyes, but they increase the possibility of water borne diseases.

Also the unfiltered water carries the harmful dissolved solids in it which are unhealthy.

  • Why is only boiling water not enough to purify it?

Boiling of water removes only the physical impurities from it. And even that is too achieved by boiling it for long which does not remove any chemical impurities and also removes the dissolved oxygen from the water which is not good.

  • How to get to know which purifier suits your home or office?

The team of aquaguard provides the supportive team who does the type of survey helping you to get to know the type of water in your area and thus choosing the required water purifier wisely.

  • During Monsoon season, municipal water is slightly coloured and smells. Why?

During this season, the rainwater mixes with a variety of pollutants and water and flows into the river stream.

From these the contaminants in the water get increased, and hence to decrease that more bleaching powder is added by the municipality into the water. Doing this forms the by-products of chlorine in the water.

  • Does the Aquasure Maxima by Aquaguard remove the essential minerals from water?

Not by any chance! Aquaguard will not remove any essential minerals from the water. As these aquaguard has the specially designed Mineral Guard Technology which provides the prevention of scaling on the quartz glass tube of the UV chamber and thus retaining the essential minerals.

  • Does the filtered-out water from aquasure maxima need to be boiled again?

Absolutely not! The advanced range of water purifiers is able to remove both physical and chemical impurities from the water.

  • How to guarantee that the filtered-out water from aquasure maxima is safe?

The Aquaguard has strict quality norms while manufacturing. Their products are tested in more than 100 Indian and International labs.

Even they have the test centres in major cities where the water sample from your house will be collected and tested within the nominal charges.

  • How long the filtered-out water is stored?

From the view of hygienic purpose, Aquaguard provides the 2 days water storing capacity. They prefer keeping the water at cool and clean places and the matkas to be avoided as they can breed the microorganisms.

  • Is there any water testing facility of their own to test the water and what are the charges?

Yes, the water testing is provided by the Aquaguard in the major cities known as Aquacheck. They do the complete testing at nominal fee.

  • Is there any service backup for Aquaguard or any service helpline number?

With one of the largest in India, they have over 1100 service centres in major cities in India with more than 5000 trained service technicians.

Service helpline number which is active 24*7. The help line number is 3988 3333.


Aquasure from Aquaguard 6 Litre RO + UV + TDS regulator comes with the efficient multi-stage purification

process to purify water from different water sources.

The Eureka Forbes water purifier uses advanced technology to purify the water and to give the safest and the healthiest water which is good for well-being. And that too is at affordable prices and the essential minerals does not vanish while filtering. 

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Aquasure maxima ro+uv+tds

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