Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review : Best RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

If you have decided to buy aquaguard geneus plus for your kitchen and want complete review on it, You have landed up in right place.

Remember buying a good water purifier is essential, instead it is an investment rather then consumption.

So  if you are struggling with your home water from tap which may come from borewell, underground or even municipal in case it doesn’t suit you.

If you have a shortage of budget and are looking for an affordable and best RO+UV water purifier with all expected features, I have something special which would be the best water purifier for your kitchen.

Having shortage of time? Let me give a quick answer to your question.

Talking about aquaguard geneus plus review: Aquaguard geneus plus comes from Eureka Forbes which is well known brand in many countries specially India.

Eureka Forbes launched Aquaguard geneus Plus which has advanced 3 stage purification technology and the best thing about geneus+ is that the mineral guard adds essential minerals in water and lets you set preferred taste.

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If you are curious to know about features, advantages and why you should buy aquaguard geneus plus then i suggest you not to miss the below mentioned details.

Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review : Best RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

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Review of aquaguard geneus plus Online

Things to Consider before buying Aquaguard Geneus Plus

  • Size of Aquaguard Geneus Plus

Now you are ready to invest in your health, you must consider size as an important factor because you don’t want to adjust the water purifier in some unnecessary place, or cover half of your kitchen space.

Therefore, size dimension of 31.4 x 36.7 x 62.5 cm is important. As the purifier is wall mountable therefore take a measurement of the size.

  • Do not Pay extra for Installation

After the aquaguard geneus plus purifier is delivered now its time for setup, therefore most of buyer doesn’t wants to fall in complication of setting up the device all alone, they call someone from local and pay them.

But you need to be aware that the installation setup needs no extra cost to be paid. You can directly call manufacturer customer support at 18602661177 within 24 hrs of purchase.

  • Be aware of fraud

Always make sure the service executive installs the genius plus water purifier in your presence, watch and observe carefully his work and procedure. In case if you are cheated by the executive, escalate your state head which you may find in eureka forbes website.

  • Check Your Water Pump Pressure

Make sure your water pressure is high enough to supply water from other source to water purifier tank, in case if its slow the geneus plus water purifier doesn’t work.

The water supply rate can be increased with the help of electric booster pump that eliminates contaminants and increases faucet flow rate.

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 Best Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review for Buyer

Let’s take a brief look at some of the best reviews of what makes the product unique from other water purification system.

  • The globally recognised technologies like RO plus UV and UF plus UV ensures that you are safe from waterborne disease.
  • Geneus Plus doesn’t need electricity to dispense water.
  • The presence of taste Hytner allows you to set the taste of water according to your preference.
  • The Mineral modulator helps you set the taste of water according to your needs and maintain healthy balance of essential minerals.
  • On the panel there is 5 LED indicator that allows set point of mineral level, these can be selected with help of 2 switches right next to the indicator and minerals can be varied whenever required.
  • The GTECH sensor technology detects the quality of water and suggests purification system RO+UV or UV+UF
  • Since Aquaguard geneus plus is build with advanced technology and lots of benefits, therefore time to time it must be properly maintained, proper service must be given, cartridges must be replaced AEWACS (Aquaguard early warning and control system) gives you advanced warning if the purification system needs maintenance.
  • Incase the control panel in the system blinks, this indicates that the aquaguard geneus plus needs maintenance by authorized Eureka Forbes engineer.
  • The early warning system continues till period of 30 days, within those days if your aquaguard geneus+ is not completely repaired it will stop working. This ensures that your family is provided with safe  and pure drinking water.
  • Aquaguard geneus+ smart autofill system lets you fill 7 litre storage capacity of the tank just after the water in tank gets over. 
  • Aquaguard geneus plus comes with TDS controller that allows you to control the TDS of your water. Ideally TDS between 100-300 is considered safe for consumption, in case your TDS level is below 100 the mineral modulator comes into play and if TDS is above 300, the RO filters the dissolved solids from water.

All these makes the product worth purchasing as every benefit a buyer could get who is really willing to purchase aquaguard geneus plus water purifier.

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Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review by Customer

Features of Aquaguard Geneus Plus RO+UV+UF

Some of specifications of aquaguard geneus plus water purifier:-

  • Rating of aquaguard geneus is 4.5 out of 5
  • Size of aquaguard genius plus is 31.4 x 36.7 x 62.5 cm 
  • Maximum Input Water Turbidity of 15NTU
  • Ultraviolet lamp of 11 watt
  • Installation Type is (elegant design) Table top, wall mounting
  • Purification flow rate of 14 to 15 litre per hour
  • Water Storage tank of 7 litres
  • Average weight of aquaguard geneus plus between 11 to 12 kg
  • Maximum input water pressure of 2 kg per square cm
  • Minimum input water pressure 0.5 kg per square cm
  • Input water temperature 10 degree celsius to 40 degree celsius
  • Maximum Input water chlorine in aquaguard genius plus is 0.2 mg per litre
  • Maximum Input water iron of aquaguard geneus is 0.3 mg per litre
  • Power consumption of 4 watt
  • Input voltage 250V AC/50 Hz
  • UV lamp life around 5000 hours
  • Membrane type is Thin film RO
  • Booster pump voltage is 24V DC

Cons of Aquaguard Geneus Plus

Talking about the review of aquaguard geneus plus we will get to know plenty of features, benefits but where more benefit there expense becomes double.

The most important reason you should not buy aquaguard geneus plus is because of its high cost and maintenance. 

If your budget is limited don’t spend it all in purchasing this product and not willing to spend on its maintenance and cartridge replacement.

Although The battery cost of aquaguard geneus+ could be between 5000-6000 INR per year which may or maynot be high for middle class people in India again it depends.

There is need of electricity to filter water and fill in tank.

Aquaguard geneus plus spare parts like RO membrane, I cartridge, chemi block, carbon filter, UV filter, Taste enhancement filter and membrane filter are not under warranty, thereone one needs to pay the charge if anything goes wrong.

What I personally believe is that if the cost of aquaguard geneus would be somewhere between 15000 to 20000, paying for other maintenance and unwarranted things would not be considered in list.

Eureka forbes aquaguard geneus plus review


How to install aquaguard geneus plus?

Which is best havells digitouch and aquaguard geneus plus water purifier?

If your budget is less and you cannot afford to spend on aquaguard plus, then i would recommend you to go for havells digital ro+uv water purifier.

Aquaguard geneus plus provides additional benefits and its smart technology results in high cost and maintenance.

The cost for havels digital is below 20,000 with low or no maintenance cost, which depends on your input water source.

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Is aquaguard geneus plus better than aquaguard geneus?

Aquaguard geneus plus and genius have common features and benefits in them. It is just that genius plus has 3 filtration process and aquaguard geneus has double filtration process Ro+Uv or Uv+Uf, the genius plus sensor detects the source, TDS of water and activates the particular filtration system.

How to purchase Aquaguard geneus plus at low price?

You can find aquaguard geneus plus from Amazon at low price. Click to Buy

What is the maintenance cost of aquaguard geneus?

The cost of aquaguard geneus is too high and it must be maintained within a month just after the warning indicator blinks. The maintenance cost can be between 4000 to 6000 INR every year.

What is customer care service number of aquaguard geneus plus?

The customer service number is 18602661177. You can also call the number for installation and for any service within 6 months of delivery.

Which one should I buy aquaguard geneus plus or aquaguard geneus dx?

Both genius plus and genius dx have high cost and 3 purification device, there may be minor difference in some of features, size, smart technology etc.

If you want to enjoy the goodness of copper then aquaguard genius dx is best for you.

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Which is best aquaguard geneus plus or kent grand plus?

Depends on buyer’s choice. Both have their own benefits.

If you are willing to invest more, you will get better quality water purifier i.e aquaguard geneus plus. It comes with lots of cool features and smart technology and sensor, which is not same in case of kent grand plus.

But kent is also essential for its 100% pure water purification technology.

Will aquaguard geneus plus add minerals in water with low TDS?

The mineral modulator maintains healthy balance of essential minerals.

Wrapping Up

Talking about Aquaguard geneus plus review, you can get a quality water purifier product with lots of cool features and additional benefits.

Along with RO+Uv+UF like every water purifier that is mandetory for fresh and pure water, genius plus has something more that every one would love using.

Its smart eye system doesn’t provides your family with contaminated water at any cost instead it shoode to stop working.

Imagine getting such technology at your home, also it looks fantastic for your kitchen.

Now consider buying it if you are ready to pay its high maintenence cost every year, for its smooth functioning.

Aquaguard geneus plus review



Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review : Best RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

Aquaguard Geneus Plus Review: Buy Aquaguard Geneus Plus Online. Best water purifier choice for you and your family.

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